How to create a payment method

You can create multiple payment methods that are specific to each of your stores.

Your payment method is the means by which your customers pay you for goods and services.

Examples of payment methods are cash, bank transfer e.t.c.

These payment methods are specifically to help you keep track of where payments are coming in from; it does not help with payment transactions.

Before you can make sales on the Shopkite Merchant app, you need to first create your payment methods.

You can follow the steps below to see how to create your payment methods.

Note that the payment method "Cash" is created by default for all of your stores.

This feature is only accessible to the merchant (business owner).

  1. Open the Shopkite Merchant app.

  2. Tap on the Menu (three bars on the top right).

  3. Tap on General - Payment Methods.

  4. Tap on "Add Payment Method".

  5. Tap on the "Payment Method" dropdown to select a payment method like bank transfer, POS (Debit or Credit Card) e.t.c.

  6. If your payment method is attached to a bank (or financial institution) like MoniePoint, GTBank and others, tap on "Search for Bank" and type in the name of your bank and select your bank from the suggested banks. If you do not find your bank listed, you can contact our customer support to help you with the process.

  7. Select the store(s) that you want to add the payment methods to. You can select as many stores as you have.

  8. You can add any extra information in the "Extra info" field. This field is not compulsory.

  9. Tap on "Save" when you are done.