How To Sign Up

  1. Open the Shopkite Merchant app.

  2. Tap on “Next” or swipe left four (4) times to skim through the hints about the Shopkite Merchant app:

  3. At the last slide, tap on “Continue” to take you to the main sign-up page:

  4. Here you are, only a few steps closer to becoming a Shopkite Merchant. Pause and smile. I assure you it’s good news as you will soon find out…winks!

  5. Next, Type in your First Name in the space provided e.g Uche:

  6. Type in your Last Name or Surname in the box provided e.g Olufemi:

  7. Enter your business name e.g WAZOBIA Enterprises:

  8. Click on Store Type in the box as shown and the option that applies to your business (e.g Supermarket) or select “Others” and type it in manually:

  9. Fill in your Business Email Address:

  10. Fill in your Phone Number, preferably the one you would want us to be able to reach you with:

  11. Create a 4-digit PIN by typing it in the box:

  12. Click to select the Country where your business is located from the options:

  13. In the same way, select the State where your business is located:

  14. Then, select the City where your business is located:

  15. Choose the Area where your business is located from the options:

  16. Select your local currency from the options:

  17. Check the box that says “I agree…” to proceed to sign up: That automatically enables the “Sign Up” button below.

  18. Hit the “Sign Up” button below and you’re good to go! 


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