How To Sign In

  1. Open the Shopkite Merchant app.

  2. If you recently downloaded the Shopkite Merchant app, click on “Skip” at the bottom left corner of your screen to go directly to the "Sign in" page.

  3. Type in your phone number which is the same one you used to sign up.

  4. Type in the 4-digit PIN you registered during the sign-up process. Once you type the 4-digit PIN, the “Sign In” button below the 4-digit PIN field will become active.

  5. Click on the “Sign In” button that appears below.

  6. A page that shows all the stores or warehouses you have registered comes up. Click on the store or warehouse you wish to open. The selected store or warehouse will become active.

  7. Tap on “Continue” to sign-in to your business's selected store or warehouse. 

  8. Please wait while Shopkite loads your records. Try to keep the app open and screen active while the page loads.

  9. You should notice a pop-up asking you to either “Allow” or “Don’t Allow” notifications from Shopkite Merchant. Ensure you select “Allow” notifications. This will alert you always of all the activities going on in your store. 

  10. Wait to see the completion animation and tap “Continue” to start selling!

  11. Voila! Your sales window is open for business.

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