How To Add A New Supply

How to add a new Supply:

  1. Open the Shopkite Merchant app
  2. Tap on the three bar menu button at the top right corner of the page
  3. Scroll down and tap on “Supply”
  4. Tap on “New supply” 
  5. Tap to search for the product or scan the product barcode
  6. Choose the product from the list of related products displayed (if you searched). If you don't find what you are looking for, you should tap on "Add new product" in the orange text to create a new product.
  7. Tap on "Total Quantity Supplied/Bought" and type in the total number of single units (this is the unit you sell in) the product which was supplied to you. For example, the total quantity for one pack of coca cola is 12 units (bottles).
  8. Tap on "Total Cost of Product Supplied" and type in the total amount paid for the specific product supplied.
  9. Tap on "Unit/Selling Price" and type in the price at which you want to sell one unit of the product.
  10. Tap on "Minimum Quantity" and type in your stock reorder level (number) for the particular product.
  11. Tap on "Add Volume Price", select the volume sizes that the product is sold in, then type in the count and volume prices as it applies to the product. Click here to find out more about volume prices.
  12. Tap on "Expiry Date" and select the most recent expiry date (This is usually inscribed on the product package) of the product.
  13. Tap on "Supply To" and indicate if you are supplying to your store or warehouse. If you are supplying to a warehouse, an option to choose from your list of warehouses should be displayed for your selection.
  14. Tap “Add to Supply List”
  15. Tap on "Search" or "Scan" I you wish to add more products
  16. Tap “Add to List” if you wish to add more supplies
  17. Tap “Continue”
  18. Tap on "Supplier" to select the company or individual who you purchased the items on your list/invoice from.
  19. Tap on "Amount Paid to supplier" and type in the amount which you paid. If you made a full payment, you may not need to edit this field.
  20. If the amount paid to the supplier is less than the total amount of products supplied in one supply/invoice, the "Payment Due" field appears. You can select the date you want to be notified about the balance payment.
  21. Tap on "Supply Date" to select the date which the supply was made.
  22. Tap on "Remarks" and type in any comment (if necessary) on the supply made
  23. Tap “Make Supply”

You have successfully added a new Supply!

Repeat the process if you wish to add more.